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Zine reviews from Issue 15

April 4th, 2007 · post by chris 12-o-5 · Make a comment

These Words Could Kill #15/A5/free

This is a perzine I picked up from a nice girl I met in Leeds. It is about moving to a new city, the queer community and a host of other emotional adventures. It is put together in an eclectic arty style with humour and personality shining through. The writing is fairly lucid in places and you feel as though she is letting you invade her imagination and most private thoughts. The openness gives it real character and charm. (12oh5)

Plastic Knife #1/A5/$2

This a fat little zine containing minimalist arty layout and cryptic poetry. I like the concept; short verses strung together about seemingly obscure/yet meaningful events. However, me being a fan of words, I would have loved more insight into the stories they are alluding to. It is quirky and humorous in places…certainly worth a read. (12oh5)


A great little comic by a guy called Andrew Waugh. It is labelled as autobiographic musings, which sounds about right. Some of the humour is offensive, but I would expect nothing less! There are comics about awkward social interactions where you don’t remember people’s names (this happens to me all the time!) and a part about ‘twelve reasons for still being a virgin’ which rules because he actually includes having a gypsy curse as one of them. This is really entertaining and well-drawn. The people have a clip—art style charm to them. (12oh5)

You/a letter in an envelope/no idea

I got one of these sent to me by my partner and it really confused me. It is basically a letter entitled ‘dear you’ from a guy called Luke. When I started reading it I thought it was from someone else so I couldn’t stop thinking ‘Who the hell is he on about? He went to the circus? What!’ Now that I am aware it was written by someone I don’t even know I am even more confused. However, I like the fact that it contains no explanation, no contact details, has Superman on the front AND talks about buying a unicycle. All together now… WHAT??! (12oh5)

XTRA TUF no.5 The Strike Issue/book/$5 or free to commercial fisherwoman

This is another book by Moe Bowstern – who is amazing. I went to see her read at a Ladyfest fundraiser in Leeds and she was funny. Before I bought her zine ‘Second Set Out’ I had doubts about reading a zine about fishing, but it was really interesting. This book is about striking in the fishing industry and contains a history of fishing on Kodiak Island. I haven’t finished it yet, but having a flick through there is press releases about the strikes and interviews with people involved in the industry. I was really disappointed to hear that Moe was not allowed to talk at the Cowley Club or 56a because her stories are fascinating and she does not spend the time talking about how great fishing is. Her stories focus more on being a woman in a male-dominated industry and the plight of communities who depend on fishing. Plus, she taught us to a sing a brilliant Canadian folk song. (12oh5)

Microcosm Publishing

Bald Cactus #24/A5/50p

Another offering by Andy, this time featuring interviews with Abrasive Wheels, Andy Higgins, The Dauntless Elite and The Restarts. I like this issue, particularly the Margaret Thatcher street party poster on the back. My main problem with it is his rant about students from the perspective of a postman working in Leeds. I would agree with many of his criticisms about students; however I really hate being tarred with that ‘lazy, drunk, anti-community’ brush. In our house we all get up before 8am every day, we help our neighbours when things go wrong, like the time when their dog got run over and we took the bleeding pet inside and called the vet. I have to go to the dump to get rid of the shit our neighbours (NOT STUDENTS) dump in our yard. Get off your fucking high horse! If our postman came before ten o clock with my packages I would be there to get them. He doesn’t, so I’m not. Please don’t assume I am sleeping away my life and spending my parents’ money. Fuck off. I really enjoyed the rest of the zine. (12oh5)

Andy Cactus c/o 145-149 Cardigan Road, Leeds, LS6 1LJ

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