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Damn Fool Music

February 27th, 2008 · post by jas · Make a comment

Record label: Household Name Records

There was a time when it seemed all the Household Name bands were an unchanging entity – Adequate Seven, Lightyear, Captain Everything!, Capdown etc. would always be touring and there was a HHN ‘type’. Recently, however, the label seems to have undergone some changes with a lot of the older bands leaving or splitting up, and a bunch of new ones being picked up. One of these new ones is Zatopeks.

Despite being around for a while, releasing previous albums and touring around Europe a lot, this is their first CD that has appeared in my possession..

First of all, it is great. On first listen, ‘Daily Mail’ will probably get stuck in your head, along with plenty of other catchy melodies. Being a journalism geek, the aforementioned song amused me no end when I first heard it, but it took me five or six more listens to realise part of the first song was about Anna Politkovskaya, a Russian reporter wanted dead for her work. I could barely believe it, it’s like geeky journalism paradise.

I’m not surprised I didn’t realise the meaning earlier, though. The band seem to get the perfect mix of melody and meaning in their songs, and the meaning will just seep into your head as you listen more and more.

Other than the opinionated political and social overtones of the album is a number of other feel-good numbers. Track three hit me immediately as something that could be straight out of American Graffiti, a cheesy-but-sweet tune about cruising and falling for a girl.

Damn Fool Music is a straight-up CD by a bunch of dudes who love pop-punk and ‘50s rock’n’roll and music, simple as that. And if you grew up with your parents playing the old stuff around you, chances are you will have an ingrained soft spot for this lot.

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