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January 17th, 2009 · post by Chris Walktall · Make a comment

Record label: Kiss Of Death Records

Sam Johnson (singer/guitarist of New Mexican Disaster Squad) has teamed up with a couple of dudes to bring you a slightly poppier group, Virgins. Think Dillinger 4 meets NMDS. Sam’s voice is still as rusted and crusty as ever and the production really emphasises the dirty punk-rock nature of it, in fact the production is so crusty it’s almost as if they’ve written a load of catchy vocal and guitar hooks and tried to bury them under layers of F-Minus style production.

What comes out is not at all bad, especially if you’re a fan of Western Addiction, NMDS or D4. Great for people who have become fans of punk but haven’t lost their love of pop-punk that they had as kid (especially ‘White Night and Escape From 07’). Having said that this is not an album that’s gonna change your life, or live in your CD player for months at a go. None of the songs jump out at you and the rant in ‘Atheist America’ is quite cringe-worthy, but again there are no bad songs or parts you’ll want to skip through.

In conclusion, it’s a decent album and worth picking up for anyone who loved NMDS.

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