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Vic Ruggiero

‘Something in my Blind Spot’

September 17th, 2008 · post by Fred Goodsell · Make a comment

The weather outside may be grey but with Vic Ruggiero’s ‘Something in my Blind Spot’ you can almost feel the rays on your skin. Ruggiero has created an album of uplifting summer time tunes that will take you away to hot nights of love and rage in the 1960’s.

Ruggiero sings about life, love, and politics in a way that is reserved for beatniks and crooners. His distinct Bronx accent gives the record a rough around the edges feel, adding to its retro quality.

This retro feel is large part of the beauty on ‘Something in my Blind Spot ‘. On the title track “Always Something in my Blind Spot” Ruggiero sings, “Bob he said, times where a-changin” in reference to Bob Dylan.  This gives us a clear incite into Ruggiero’s influences both musically and lyrically (There is more than a hint of early Dylan on this record). As well as this there are equal servings of Jazz, Blues and Country styles from the same era.

‘Something in my Blind Spot’ is a strong offering from a veteran of song writing. It is a new slice of something old. Retro, yet retaining an honest and passionate tone.

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