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Vanilla Pod

Poets on Payday

January 24th, 2010 · post by chris 12-o-5 · Make a comment

Record label: Boss Tuneage

I recently went to see Vanilla Pod play at the Fighting Cocks in Kingston.  While there I remarked on the following points to people I saw:  Seeing Vanilla Pod in Kingston seems like being in a time-warp (as this is my home town and the site of many Vanilla Pod viewings, just not in the last 5 years), Goober Patrol (the headliners) remain to this day a total joke and, finally, that I might actually be the youngest person there (at the age of 23).  Vanilla Pod have never been a cool band.  That is simply a fact.  I remember being mocked mercilessly by people in Leeds for having a Vanilla Pod patch on one of my ‘punk’ skirts as, surely, they are not the kind of band that you display on patches…Right?  Somehow their blend of mid-paced punk rock about girls and growing out in a small Norfolk town, didn’t strike chords with great swathes of people.  In light of how awesome their records have been, particularly Surrounded By Idiots, I see this as something of a travesty.  The songs are not complicated, although they are prone to the odd ‘sweet riff’, and they don’t take themselves too seriously.  This music won’t achieve world peace or smash the state, but it does release a kind of satisfaction that can only happen when listening to your fellow average individual playing music that comes from the heart and from experience.  I hear this again when listening to Poets on Payday.  This is a mature Vanilla Pod and, same as ever, a Vanilla Pod with absolutely no pretence of being uber-cool band dudes.  This is honest punk rock for road trips and sitting around boozing, with incredibly catchy choruses and straight-forward up beat riffs.  It doesn’t light quite the same fires for me as Surrounded By Idiots, which was a record that tried to capture all the aggression of constantly being overlooked for ‘cooler bands’.  However, Poets on Payday has got a deeper sound with some gang vocals and heavier parts than in previous releases, while the song writing also shows a more experienced band.  I’d really recommend giving this band a chance.  They are awesome!

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