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Stay Home
by: Transit

September 9th, 2009 · post by tommy · Make a comment

Record label: Run For Cover

In the split seconds before I first hear a band, whilst my desire to press the ‘play’ button is being relayed through my synapses, but before my finger has reached for the button, I often will draw up a subconsious criteria, boxes that, if ticked, will result in a positive review.

Now, these criteria are entirely variable, and will change dependent on my mood, surroundings and what else I have been listening to that day, however, one requirement that is almost ever present is my lust for music that, without compromising on ‘heaviness’, is packed with sugar-free pop hooks, and this has those in abundance.

Think Hot Water Music, Polar Bear Club, Small Brown Bike and the most subtle dash of Brand New and you wont be far wrong.

The guitars growl and screech in perfect harmony, the the bass pounds and the drums (especially on ‘Stays The Same’) are extremly good, but Transit’s real strength lies in the vocal delivery. The lead vocals are imaculate on almost every track, maintain a dynamic balance between punk rock credibility and pop sensibility.

‘Atlas’ is the stand out track. Dripping with passion, traded vocals and face melting riffs, this song would be at home in any of your favourite melodic punk albums.

This EP feels extremely complete, almost like a short album. It starts strong, it gets stronger and lets you down gently with ‘Outbound’ a wonderful acoustic guitar driven song. I often listen to this CD twice through, just because it is just too short, and although it may not be the most original piece of music, you can tell they believe fully in what they are doing, and trying their hardest to do it very, very well!

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