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Torn Out

by: Torn Out

July 26th, 2009 · post by tommy · Make a comment

DIY punk releases often fall into the trap of sounding raw for the sake of sounding raw, punk for the sake of sound punk, rough for the sake of… well, you get the idea. And whilst I have no problem with bands who favour low budget production (almost all my favourite bands do), it’s refreshing to hear a DIY punk band who, all things considered, could not sound better.

Its the same old story, recorded in a living room for next to nothing, given away free, but where, in some cases, DIY culture has become a selling point, it is almost the very essence of this band, think a Sam Russo style sound and you wouldn’t be too far wrong.

And similarities to Sam Russo don’t end with production, they have the same sense of gritty, gutter level poetry, distinctive vocals and ear for a catchy chorus. In short, this is very, very good.

‘Soul of these streets’ is probably the better of the two tracks, but not by any discernable distance. There is a passion in the vocals that is hard to accurately describe, and musically they are set aside from their peers by the addition of some excellent bass lines to solid acoustic guitar work.

Apparently physical copies of this EP have sold out, but it can be downloaded for free. Watch out for an 8 track EP coming very soon, if it’s as good as this we’re in for a treat!

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