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The whole universe in a glass of wine

by: Natalie Kay-Thatcher

March 19th, 2010 · post by Pete Willis · Make a comment

The whole universe in a glass of wine zine coverIf, like me, you are really interested in physics and space and the sheer enormity of the universe but are also, not thick, but just need a little help with understanding it all, then this beautiful little zine will be right up your street. Natalie is a 2nd year illustration student from Camberwell and has adapted the writing of eminent nobel laureate Richard P. Feynman and illustrated his description of the universe via a single glass of wine. And the resulting zine is a really awesome window into his work and his way of explaining the sheer complexity of the universe in accessible analogies.

The content, as it’s Feynman, is amazing, and will serve as a great introduction for those not familiar with his down to earth methods of explaining the most complex elements of our world (there are many many more to be investigated on youtube and elsewhere), and Natalie’s brilliant use of negative space, black and white and the sheer detail in many of the drawings really add a lot to the text. It mirrors Feynman’s work well, incredibly complex yet simplistic. More science zines! The drawings are great, Feynman rules, zines are awesome, therefore this is a definite winner in my book.

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The whole world in a universe zine intro spread
The whole universe in a glass of wine spread with wine
The whole universe in a glass of wine spread about genius

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