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The Spanish Civil War

by: J.Gerlach

August 9th, 2010 · post by Pete Willis · Make a comment

This is #4 in the “Simple History Series” and this time the focus is to present in the most down-to-earth, matter of fact fashion, what went down during the Spanish Civil War. And it’s a great little A6 introduction. For those who, like me, went to Orwell’s Homage to Catalonia as the first port of call for learning the facts, this is probably a more appropriate place to start, sitting somewhere between reading the Wikipedia entry and a history textbook. It’s broken up into sections to explain what Spain was like at the time, the rivalries that were taking place, who was who and what group stood for what, then the events, their implications abroad, and foreign reaction to those events. It’s refreshing in that, while presumably produced from some left/anarchist perspective, there is no bias or over analysis involved. The pamphlet takes no sides, simply says ‘the fascists believed this and they did this’ and ‘the communists believed this and they did this’. It’s just facts laid out straightforwardly to hopefully act as a springboard to delve further into the conflict and what we can learn from it nearly 80 years on. Looking forward to the next one.



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