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The Riot Before

Fists Buried In pockets

January 28th, 2009 · post by Chris Walktall · Make a comment

Record label: Say-10 Records

Long story short, I was stuck in New Zealand for five months with only about four CDs, one of which was The Riot Before’s previous EP, ‘So Long The Lighthouse’. Fortunately it was amazing, so I jumped on their new album like a junkie on his next fix.

They’ve evolved from the lead singer’s original acoustic punk outings and have so far released two EPs and one split. This is their first album, with just two previously released songs and nine new. Fortunately their first record of more than a handful of songs does not disappoint; it’s a perfect blend of intelligent pop-punk with a slight folk influence. They’re not satisfied with cranking out simple three chord songs or dull lyrics about getting dumped, it’s interesting and stand up to re-listenings. The lyrics are political but without ramming it in your face, they’re obviously good musicians and the production is slick without being too slick.

A definite must for anyone who still has a soft spot for pop-punk but wants interesting and intelligent songs at the same time.

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