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The Measure [SA]

Historical Fiction

January 29th, 2009 · post by jas · Make a comment

Record label: Team Science Records

The enduring memory I will have of The Measure is their singer, Lauren, roaming the halls of the Holiday Inn on the last night of Fest 7 with Britain’s own ambassador for alcohol, El Morgan. They were supervising parties or something, while simultaneously partying very hard themselves.

So I was excited to get this CD through in order to check out the band who had been highly praised by those who had managed to actually get out of bed and see them earlier that weekend.

It’s a melodic punk mess, comparable to stuff being put out by Plan-It X over the past few years (just to clarify, it’s also fully electric). The Floridian quartet don’t go easy on the gang vocals (except it’s only two people… not a gang but it sounds like it), and the female element makes my brain associate it with Defiance, Ohio style stuff, somehow.

First track ‘Just Go’ is a wicked track to lead in to the record, and shows off the band’s ability to make a song interesting with tempo changes and twangy guitars, and makes you sit up and listen from the start.

It’s a noisy, hectic, fuzzy mess of a punk album and it’s a lot of fun.

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