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The Loved Ones

Build & Burn

June 20th, 2009 · post by Chris Walktall · Make a comment

I fell in love with The Loved Ones after seeing them live and hearing their first album ‘Keep Your Heart’. It seemed like a perfect example of the pop-punk-with-a-gravely edge stuff Fat Wreck Chords has become famous for, Dillinger 4, NoFX, Strung Out and Strike Anywhere are all decent, but not perfect comparisons as The Loved Ones have a touch more poppy edge . Their first offering is a really great album that does’t disappoint with further listening. I was therefore, very eager when Edd produced their second alum ‘Build & Burn’ for me. Second albums can be hard; you may have years to craft an amazing first album but suddenly feel squeezed to produce a second after just a few months (this can be especially hard on a major label, something which The Loved Ones is not on, where the label is keen to cash in on the success of the first album). The Loved Ones seem to have suffered from this. There’s nothing about this album I can point to that is inferior to Keep Your Heart, it just seems to lack something has. It’s not bad it just seems as though the melodies aren’t as catchy this time round and the guitar riffs don’t get stuck in your head for days. In a word, it’s uninspired. They’ve added a second guitar and a new bassist, which is maybe something to do with the lack of fire and fizz on this one. If you like pop-punk run, do not walk, to someone who will exchange your money for their copy of ‘Keep Your Heart’. If you love their older stuff and come across a cheap copy of this offering pick it up. Otherwise, cross your fingers and hope album number 3 picks up where 1 left off.

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