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The Leif Ericsson/Southport

Split 7"
by: The Leif Ericsson/Southport

July 31st, 2009 · post by tommy · Make a comment

Record label: Boss Tuneage

Southport and The Leif Ericsson have both been playing punk rock for at least as long as I’ve been into the genre, and when I consider all the bands that have come and gone in the as the years have gone by, it is encouraging to hear how vital they both manage to sound on this 7″.

First up is The Leif Ericsson, who manage to combine the more upbeat guitars of the two bands with gruff vocal stylings two create five minutes of wonderfully catchy late 90s style skate punk.

They kick off the EP with arguably its strongest track, music2000, whose riff has the superbly unique ability to swim through your veins, avoiding any attempt of extraction. Not that you’d want to, a wonderful little punk song.

While this is incessantly enjoyable musically, it has the habit of falling into the trap of ’sounding like the Leif Ericson’, but hell, if it aint broke…

Southport are the faster of the two bands, playing melodic punk rock at something that falls just short of breakneck speed. The basslines are relentless and and the drums really drive the melody home.

The vocals, especially in opening track ‘A bridge too far’, have a garage rock-esque quality to them, which is refreshing to hear, whilst the chorus will have any self resepcting punk kid singing along after just a few listens.

However, just like The Leif Ericsson they fail to break any real ground with this release, which in Southport’s case is unsurprising, considering the tracks date back to 2001.

This is a fun, if a little unoriginal, EP. Both bands are definately worth checking out, and this 7″ could provide newcomers the perfect launch pad into their back catalogues.

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