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The Jammy Dodgers

Fish’n’Chips 7”
by: The Jammy Dodgers

February 10th, 2009 · post by Phil Chokeword · Make a comment

Record label: No Idea

Does anyone remember Operation: Cliff Clavin? Or The Devil Is Electric? This record sounds an awful lot like those bands, probably because all three feature Chris Clavin (of Ghost Mice/Captain Chaos/Plan-It-X Records fame).

If that means nothing to you, firstly – why? Go do a Plan-It-X order. Secondly, this is a slab of really good, old fashioned pop punk with high-ish pitched male and female vocals. Its pretty danceable in a 90’s kinda way, and whilst your shaking it like a hyperactive toddler, you can sing along to songs about not needing gods or bosses, technology making people more alienated, historical lies and how the world is confusing as shit. Which is a break from songs about girls. I’ve been playing this lots and you will too I recon. Essential.

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