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The Cold Beat


September 23rd, 2009 · post by tommy · Make a comment

The Cold Beat from Boston, Massachusetts bring an impressively powerful brand of songsmanship to the punk rock table. Serving up a mixture of chunky and delicate riffs which intervolve and intertwine, driving songs that sound like a wonderful mixture of Chillerton and Serf Combat with a scattering of pop hooks that never are in detriment to the record’s rock’n'roll integrity.

What I really love about this record is how natural it feels, jolting drum beats over guitar feedback crash into a prodigious sounding guitar riff on opening track ‘watch and ward’ laying the foundation for vocals that I’d say sound somewhere between angry and pissed off, a diction more commonly referred to as ‘Gruff’.

Although all of similarly high standard, the three tracks before and two after seem to bookend ‘antiquing’, the pinnacle track on this CD. It opens with an lightly distorted guitar strummed quietly, joined a few bars in by an acoustic guitar and growing into a banger of a mid tempo rock’n'roll song.

The next track ‘comfortably clean’ ever-so-slightly ups the tempo, and ads the most memorable riff on the record to the equation, which dances through the song, making it one of The Cold Beat’s more memorable tracks.

At twenty minutes and six tracks long, I’d say that track-for-track this EP is quite long, but never comes close to out staying its welcome, and fans of The Hold Steady with be right at home whilst listening to the. There isn’t a great deal of variation, which, for people who didn’t approach this from a punk angle may take issue with, but doesn’t pose a problem in my eyes. These 6 tracks give a snapshot of a band searching for their unique sound. A sound that doesn’t appear to be too far off.

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