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Static Radio NJ

An Evening of Bad Decisions

April 9th, 2009 · post by tommy · Make a comment

Record label: Black Numbers

Whenever I listen to a CD for the first time, I’m secretly thinking ‘I hope this album opens with a pick slide’ ‘An evening of bad decisions’ is one of the rare albums that delivers, setting the tone for a franticly paced gem of a punk rock record. Static Radio NJ are a three piece band hailing from, you guessed it New Jersey, with a particular talent for writing belting songs that’ll have you singing along on first listen, musically they remind me of Chillerton, with a splash of late 90s pop punk and even a little Hot Water Music influence is relevant at times.

They play hard, fast and short songs (only two of the eleven tracks on this record exceed three minutes), my only real frustration with this record is that, because the songs are generally of such high quality, it can be annoying that they end before you’ve got the air drum rhythm fully figured out. There’s always the repeat button, though.

If you can listen to ‘Green Hoody’ through headphones in a crowded place without confusing the people around you by passionately miming the line ‘When will I see you home again’, then you’re reading the wrong site. Same applies to playing air guitar along with ‘Fin’ or air drums to ‘Cut the tie’. Effortlessly catchy, simple yet effective guitar riffs, and wonderful harmonies. This is the album that every teenage band hopes they’ll one day write.

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