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February 12th, 2008 · post by jas · Make a comment

Record label: Do The Dog Music

From the name, I thought Squid58 would be a young band. But from the first line of the first song “We first met in ’81…”, I knew I was wrong.

A bit of research reveals, in fact, that this band features ex-frontman of ska legends The Hotknives Mick Clare on vocals. The band released this 10-track album by themselves previously, but Kev at Do The Dog has hunted them out and re-released it, much like he did with the Howards Alias reggae spin-off Skylar. This guy definitely has an ear for talent.

Sounding like a less-frantic version of Smoke Like A Fish with chilled ska tunes, they definitely fall right into the label’s style, which can’t be anything but good. The songs are all stories, describing people and situations in a very real manner, and it’s enjoyable to not just hear another load of over-romanticised tosh.

Songs like ‘Walk Away’ demonstrate the total proficiency of the band, and they create an understated, minimalist sound much like the re-incarnation of APB, Do The Dog old-timers who shrank from a seven-piece to a three-piece a few years back.

If you tend to like the more trad-tinged third-wave bands on the Do The Dog label, this will definitely satisfy your needs.

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