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Cut and Paste

March 16th, 2010 · post by Fred Goodsell · Make a comment

I can’t get enough of this record.

My first impressions of Spaynard where that they where just another Latterman cover band who embrace the bromance prevalent in the melodic punk scene at the moment. Men hugging each others sweaty bodies (not that I have anything against men hugging or being sweaty, it’s the exclusivity yeah?) at the end of shows because they are just so damn awesome. Adverse to the reasons Latterman split up.

However I have been proved wrong. Whilst there undoubtedly are strong Latterman influences, Spaynard create some truly interesting melodies unique to there sound. Much like a few select bands forging the ‘Fat Wreck’ sound in the 90’s, Latterman have contributed to a new wave of melodic punk and whilst it would feel disingenuous not to mention their legacy, equally many of these new bands should not be dismissed as cheap imitations.

And whilst there is a fairly large serving of back slapping on this record, the issue of women in the punk scene is addressed in the song ‘Say What You Want About Jesse’.

This record proves Spaynard to be big league players. The music is emotive and catchy. The lyrics are well crafted and considerate.

Special mention has to go to the song ‘Jay’s Cafe’ which has to one of the most catchy tunes I have heard in some time!

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