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Sonic Boom Six

City of Thieves
by: Sonic Boom Six

April 22nd, 2009 · post by tommy · Make a comment

Record label: Rebel Alliance

As much as i love punk rock, and i really, really do, sometimes I’d like to be able to go to a show safe in the knowledge that I won’t be watching yet another Hot Water Music-esque punk rock band, don’t get me wrong, most of my favourite bands fit that bracket, but sometimes I crave a little originality and variety, which is possibly why listening to the latest Sonic Boom Six album, ‘City Of Thieves’ has been such a pleasure.

This album feels like the logical successor to their first proper album, 2006’s ‘The Ruff Guide to Genre Terrorism’, which is an album I enjoyed immensely, ‘Arcade Perfect’ the album that came between the two, is somewhat an anomaly.

The greatest appeal to this record is the sheer musical landscapes it explores, from the screeching guitars of ‘Polished Chrome and Open Kitchens’ to the summery reggae of ‘Rum Little Scallywag’. Sonic Boom Six have written a diverse, yet bewilderingly coherent record, in fact they seem to be at their strongest the further they stray from a more traditional punk rock sound,’Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang’ is a perfect example of this, a bass heavy track, with a subtle dub vibe addressing the woes of repaying cash loans amidst the current financial crisis and is extremely catchy.

Strange Transformations is another highlight, a fun, piano driven track with a wonderfully catchy chorus, depicting the post midnight bedlam throughout the bars and clubs across the nation, even if the lyrics are a little cheesy in places.

I have never understood why, but Sonic Boom Six have always been a Marmite sort of band, you either love them, or simply don’t get them. With those who aren’t massively in to SB6 of citing the use of vocals as the reason why, which I understand, to an extent. Laila’s voice may be a little high pitched for some in places, whilst Barney and Ben breach the supposed taboo of rapping with a relatively low melanin concentration. The vocals work well for me and I fall firmly into the category of people who enjoy SB6’s music if you enjoy their previous work, you’ll love this, it has been on solid rotation since I received it.

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