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Hesitation Wounds

June 15th, 2009 · post by Lucas · Make a comment

This record has been released on Sage Francis’ (hip hop artist with records released on Epitaph records) label ‘Strange Famous’ and anyone familiar with Sage will hear this album (and Sleep’s overall style) as being very much from the same mold. The bio of Sleep states that his sound is ’simultaneously dark and upbeat…morbid and positive all at once’, which I would definitely attest to. The beats are often very busy, well thought out and often far removed from basic 4 bar loops that give an MC a chance to shine but can be less interesting, which is pretty sweet. That said however, it does mean that his raps suffer from being lost in the overall noise of some of the tracks which leaves any fans of the art of the MC- struggling and generally being left waiting for any reeeeeeeewind(!) moments or standout punchlines. He dabbles in some double-time stuff every now and then which kinda works. Sleep has definitely got skills but this record and his overall style falls into the ‘rap NOT hip-hop’ category which often converts people from rock but will fall on deaf ears to anyone with nothing but hip-hop in their music collection. I know that this review is kinda negative overall but I did like this album. I just think that it’s not impressive enough to bring in new fans from demographics of music listeners that wouldn’t have heard of it already or be familiar with Sage Francis himself. But if this genre of rap is your cup of tea, its definitely worth a listen. Have a nice day.x

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