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Shaped By Fate

The Unbeliever

November 14th, 2008 · post by Ganglar · Make a comment

Let’s start with a qualifier… This is metal. If you don’t like metal, shaped by fate aren’t going to convert you, but if you’ve got time for a bit of long hair and windmilling, there’s plenty to enjoy here. It seems some of the glossier review mags (you know the ones) are insistent on calling this band Metal-core, simply so they look capable of being able to spot and dissect different genres. They’re not.

The boys from South Wales have undoubtedly done good with their first full length release, and have toured extensively off the back of it.

Although the vox on this album are undoubtedly pretty “metal”, they’re both varied enough in terms of pitch and style AND low enough in the final mix that they genuinely do actually add to & contribute to the music, rather than having them dominating – as so many bands do, by getting the mix and style wrong (in my humble opinion).

So, with one box ticked… the music itself is also pretty good too! There’s the typical mix of slower, sludgier breakdowns, faster thrash, grind and a few solos thrown in for good measure.

I personally think the faster stuff’s better than the slower ‘atmospheric’ vibe they’re going for at times, but as a whole it’s well written, excellent technically – as any metal fan would probably expect, and undoubtedly well thought out in terms of arrangements.

In summary though… Nice & heavy… Nice & fast… ding dong.

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