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Scream Hello

Everything Is Always Still Happening

February 1st, 2009 · post by tommy · Make a comment

Record label: Red Leader

It is clear, from the very first listen that Scream! Hello know how to write a pop song, which is exactly what this album consists of, 10 unashamedly hooky, indie rock infections to tap your feet to. Every song is drowned in so much melody that the fuzzy guitars, pounding bass and luscious vocal harmonies melt effortlessly into one another, creating a charm that it is impossible to not fall for, a quality that is owed, to at least some extent, to the excellent, if not slightly saccharin, production provided by Nick Rotundo (None More Black, boysetsfire).

The upbeat ‘Golden Anniversary’ and ‘Vinegar & Baking soda’ are particular highlights and would be sure fire summer hits for slightly more well-known bands. Amongst the slower songs ‘The Kicker’ is a real standout, with its impressive bass line and bittersweet lyrics. It is also one of the three songs on the album that clocks in at over 6 minutes, all of which, despite their relative long lengths, manage to cling on to the listener to the final note, which is an exceptionally commendable feat.

Singer James Caverly’s vocals are excellent, occasionally lulling the listener into an easy listening trance, until, that is, Scream Hello throw you a curveball, which they are very good at doing, a prime example being track five, the superb No Trigger-esque ‘Bullets’, directly following a quadruple helping of sugar-coated powerpop. However, as interesting as it is when they mix up their sound, it constitutes the only real flaw to the album, whilst I commend the experimentation with different genres, and enjoy all the songs individually, I can’t help but feel it lacks a certain amount of coherence, and ultimately seems disjointed, which is a shame. Although, by no means does it tarnish the overall quality of what truly is a fantastic pop-rock album.

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