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October 20th, 2009 · post by Fred Goodsell · Make a comment

Despite the fact two of my favorite bands, Converge and Strike Anywhere have just released new records it’s a little known two track 7″ that has been on constant play for me over the last few days.

RVIVR (pronounced ‘reviver’ presumably) are a four piece punk rock band from the US of A. They feature ex-members of Latterman and Shorebirds.

There only two tracks on offer here but they both rock in equal measures for different reasons. The first track, titled Derailer is a great tune about white punks moving into a poor area of Denver to set up a bicycle collective and how things like this can contribute to gentrification. However through working with the local community and prioritising their needs the collective was able to have a positive impact. The song comes with a heavy does of sing along vocals and even a horn section. What’s equally as cool is that all the profits made from the release of the record go towards funding the bike workshop which shares the same name as the song

The second track is acoustic with a more chilled out feel to it. The vocals are amazing, gruff yet melodic and lyrics are twice as good. A little lacking in gusto at times but certainly worth a listen none the less .

If you where ever a fan of Latterman then this is a must listen. If you weren’t then why not?

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