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Riots not diets

February 17th, 2009 · post by tommy · Make a comment

A5/ 24 pages/black and white
Price: Free

‘Riots not diets’ is the first zine from the Goldsmiths University Feminist society, and as you can probably expect, is geared around the issue of preserving feminist ideals in an increasingly neo-patriachal society. The zine has a very DIY feel, which immediately makes me feel right at home. But its appeal surpasses the pro-feminist diy zine puritans, as it is a highly entertaining and informative read.

The opening salvo ‘when we’re post patriachy i’ll never again write an intro to a feminist zine…’ sets the tone, followed be an highly engrossing first person account of occupational sexism, ‘riots not diets’ is well written throughout, provideing an essential sense of coherance. There is a particulairly good article entitled ‘tattooed lady’ which strikes a chord with me, as tattoos are a particular interest of mine and have never understood the idea that they are a male domain.

A notable mention should go to the articles: ‘Men, you’re okay by me if:’ & ‘Problems’, the former lists a couple interesting personality traits the author would like men to fufill, and the latter provides alternative answers to questions sent into magazines.

Overall, this zine does well to preserve the rich heritage of diy feminist publications, adding some fun twists of its own. It has a good feel and depicts well the continued relevance of feminism in today’s society. recommended.

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