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Power Corrupts

War Against Reason

May 26th, 2008 · post by Edd · Make a comment

Record label: Bean Head Hardcore -

Power corrupts

Another brilliant record from ‘opp north’. Actually these guys pretty much push all my ‘perfect’ band buttons. Mixing up elements of fast melodic punk bands, with an always welcome British accent. It reminds me a little of Five Knuckle, though faster and more frenetic.


“Dis-Member Parliament” (don’t we all want to?) kicks off the proceedings as it means to go on. A couple of Leftover Crack twists come in here and there, but the lyrics are near spot on and it certainly gives a taste of what’s to come. Next up ‘Pro-choice’, which actually isn’t about what you expect moves smoothly into ‘Palestine’, which is exactly what you think it’s about: ‘War and conflict over land/ one’s history, one’s holy land/ A rock against a tank can’t be right/ Resistance is the only choice.’ There are some nice ska touches in the song too – it reminded me a little of Antimaniax in all the right ways.


In all honesty the band isn’t most wondrously original but if you like political punk rock this won’t disappoint you. The lyrics and music are bang on, and it comes with some pretty excellent Mike Bukowski artwork. Oh, and the vinyl looks rad too.


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