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Path Of No Return

The Absinthe Dreams

August 30th, 2008 · post by anon · Make a comment

For those who’ve not heard them before, Path Of No Return are a mixture of heavy & melodic hardcore, who thankfully seem willing to mix it up a bit & try something slightly new/ different. It’s not a complete original, but you couldn’t accuse them of settling for the ’same old stuff’ you’ve heard a hundred times before, either, and to their credit a lot of what they do, they pull off well. Drawing comparisons is easy and hard at the same time (which must surely be a good thing), there’s elements of Converge, Refused, Abominable Iron Sloth, Rise & Fall and even Modern Life is War. They don’t sound like ANY of those bands individually, but you get a sense of all of them in one way or another throughout The Absinthe Dreams. Their tunes don’t fit into the usual verse/ chorus format, and with some pretty technical, chaotic (but not necessarily fast) guitars & drum changes, merging one song into another as you go. You could argue whether or not the songs would work better as more individually defined pieces of music, but that’s really up to individual taste. Their lyrics aren’t overtly decipherable, either written or on the recording, but kind of just ‘fit’, with the tempo & overall aesthetic of what you assume they’re trying to create.

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