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No Idea

Fest 7

January 26th, 2009 · post by jas · Make a comment

Record label: No Idea Records

My main memory of this CD is driving around somewhere in Orlando from strip-mall to strip-mall looking for a good one, while playing this loud. We were all sat in the backseat, geeking out over our schedules of who we were going to see the coming weekend. Pretty much every track that came on, someone would shout “WHO IS THIS?” so they could write it onto their schedule. If no-one shouted, the general consensus was that it was rubbish and we would skip the track. But this rarely happened.

The good dudes at No Idea put it out in MP3 form just before the Fest, to give people a taster and maybe alert them to new bands they might not have otherwise seen. Definitely worked for me.

Standout tracks for me are Good Luck, Bridge and Tunnel, Young Livers, Paul Baribeau, and Tiltwheel, but there really is something for everyone on here (it’s 34 tracks long).

I know this was free to pick up at Fest, but no info came with this, so I don’t know how much it is if you want it now. Maybe they are still giving it away? Definitely get hold of this if you want to re-live the weekend or just pretend you were there.

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