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Neil Sutherland and Friends

One Hundred Faces
by: Neil Sutherland & Friends

September 7th, 2009 · post by tommy · Make a comment

‘one hundred faces’ is the second full band release from Neil Sutherland, and is part of a joint release, with the other CD ‘Two Whistles and a Hum’ that more closely resembles his first release, which was a split with PJ & Gaby.

The EP opens with ‘the only ones left’, a tapestry of high pitched guitar intricacies which subside into cascading hamonies and a subtably ‘posi’ poem, detailing the power of building communities, perfectly capturing the tone of every other Neil Sutherland release, re-packaged into an entirely different audio experience.

‘Run’, the next track up builds upon the sound of the opening song and erupts into the most sonourous song Neil Sutherland has ever released. The chorus is huge, the kind of song you just want to scream along to.

My favourite song on the CD comes next, ‘ghost stories’ is a real heart warmer of a track, an ode to friendship and conversation, something I’ve come to associate with Neil Sutherland over the past few years.

The EP ends with the familiar classic ‘Detonation pt 3′, a punk rock version of an acoustic version of a punk song. Unless you’re new to Neil Sutherland, you’ll know this song in one incarnation or another, and all i can say is that it works really really well. I’d never imagined myself playing air guitar along to this song prior to hearing this recording, complete with solid drum work and guitar parts that i can only describe as ‘twiddly’. The third version of detonation serves as the perfect metaphor for the musical progression of Neil Sutherland, the heart of the songs are the same, but they are more powerful, folk free affairs that create a euphonic sonic landscape.

I will warn you though, this is not for folk punk reactionaries. Approach this with an open mind and a thirst for pop hooks and a desire to wear a smile on your face.

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