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Mustard Plug

In Black And White

February 27th, 2008 · post by jas · Make a comment

Record label: Hopeless Records

Once I got Mustard Plug’s ‘Pray For Mojo’ for Christmas and it immediately became one of my favourites. I listened to it a lot. Then I bought ‘Big Daddy Multitude’ from a second hand shop and acquired ‘Yellow #5’ on 12”. I was so happy. But one day I stopped listening to them and they just dropped off my radar.

I was so happy when this CD dropped into my lap. And they don’t seem to have changed at all. I stuck them on the walkman and got an immediate spring in my step. The catchy ‘Who Benefits?’ kicks off proceedings, and the bouncy, horn-heavy ska-punk doesn’t stop from here on in.

‘Hit Me! Hit Me!’ is pure third wave at its best, and if you’re not ashamed to still admit liking that, this song alone is worth getting hold of the album.

Back in the day, they were one of the few bands whose message I didn’t study closely, I just loved them for being catchy and tuneful. So I don’t know whether their darker, even political, leanings on this CD are something new. ‘Time to Wake Up’ is not overt in its meanings but says “You had promised faith and compassion/ You delivered strife and aggression… The bags are coming home/ Obituaries sent”.

But after this, the tone lightens again and it’s back into the bouncier songs. ‘You Can’t Go Back’ is a brilliant but weird track about not being able to go back to where you came from, clocking in at less than 50 seconds and ending as abruptly as it started.

From just listening to this record, I am so glad this band has come back into my life. If you’re an old-time fan of Mustard Plug, or just have a soft spot for melodic ska-punk, give this album a try.

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