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True Stories

October 22nd, 2009 · post by jas · Make a comment

I am ashamed I haven’t written this review sooner. Truly ashamed. I was so excited to get hold of this CD earlier in the year, after anticipating it for so long and rinsing my friends’ iPods when they had got it, but then work and moving house and generally not being very reliable at writing got in the way and I didn’t do the record justice by writing a shameless puff piecce about how amazing I think it is.

But someone told me recently (I think, unless I was drunk and I’m making this up…. Which has been known to happen) that the swash are re-releasing this record on Sonic Boom Six’s Rebel Alliance label (also currently home to other exciting bands like The Skints), as it was previously self-released. So I have been given a second chance to sing its praises. Awesome.

Mouthwash used to be a mediocre ska-punk band, signing to Hellcat, playing several songs that I wasn’t too fussed about including that “Fools Gold” one that everyone knows, and generally being around in a lot of places where the Household Name type bands were.

But a few years ago I moved to London and realised they’d changed. They were still playing shows with bands I knew, but were more synthy, grimey, and liked heavy heavy basslines which was just awesome. They started gigging loads of new tunes, only playing a couple of the old ones like “We Evolve”, and left me gagging for them to get some stuff laid down on record. They made me wait about two years.

Their lyrics are charmingly London-centric, and chat about stuff I think we can all get behind. The synth can be a little overwhelming at times, especially if you’re listening through headphones, but just so you’re not in any doubt: this CD is incredible.

Buy it. Listen to it. But make sure you go and see them in a venue with good, loud sound that does them justice, as that’s where they’re at their best.

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