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Minus The Bear


January 17th, 2009 · post by Chris Walktall · Make a comment

Record label: Tigre Blanco

MTB have released 3 albums, 3 EPs, one split and one remix album, but this is their first all-acoustic offering, and very pleasant it is too. Occasionally a band releases an album that leaves you wondering why, as good as it may be, they did it. The Nofx/Rancid split is one example, and this is another: seven songs, all acoustic, one new and six older. It doesn’t really add to MTB’s already impressive back catalogue so, as hard copies were only sold on their 2008 tour, I’ll assume they did it for shits and giggles and moved on.

There are no complete re-workings, only relatively minor changes that come out after a few listens, with the new song ‘Guns & Ammo’ a solid opening. And the older songs are pretty and work fairly well acoustic, although they lack the interesting changes in dynamics and effects that add a great deal to the regular MTB offerings.

It’s a good record and worth picking up if you’re already a fan. If you don’t know them, listen to ‘Planet Of Ice’ or ‘Menos el Oso’ – they are truly great albums – and come to ‘Acoustics’ when you’ve seen everything MTB are capable of.

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