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Me and Goliath

s/t 10 inch

October 22nd, 2009 · post by Mikey · Make a comment

Record label: Parade of Spectres, Disposable Culture, Internationale

Lovely stuff here from this UK three piece and just the right soundtrack for the oncoming chilly nights and ever-decreasing daylight. Me and Goliath have previously released a demo and split 7″ but on this 10″ they’ve finally produced enough material for you to really get absorbed in. M & G play a frantic, searing form of hardcore that some might call ‘screamo’, others ‘emo violence’ or ‘chaotic hardcore’, I would primarily just call them ‘incredibly good’.

Over the course of seven tracks M & G lay their personal and social demons to rest with screamed, despair-laden vocals, the all important ‘desperate’-sounding guitar riffs and a crushing rhythm section, switching from obliterating ‘wall of sound’ moments where all hell breaks loose to more melancholy quiet sections.

The guitar playing on this really sets it apart from other bands in the genre, based around incredibly melodic ‘lilting’ runs which you could kinda describe as ‘jazzy’ yet that still feels like an inappropriate description. The rhythm section keeps everything driving forward with lots of awesome snare rolls and blastbeats whilst the bass fills out their sound with a really ominous and crushing low-end tone. It is pretty damn impressive how much noise they make for a three piece as is the fact they make songs that are both heart wrenching and catchy, yet they rarely play in standard 4/4 time. Check out the end of ‘Medic’ to see what I mean.

What I love about this record is that M & G have balanced all the respective elements of their sound into a beautiful whole, none of the build-ups feel laborious or indulgent and this is no more apparent than on ‘untitled’ which I may just say now has one of the best melancholic riffs I’ve heard in a long time. Mesmerizing, cathartic and very beautiful.

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