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Living With Lions

Dude Manor

April 2nd, 2009 · post by tommy · Make a comment

Record label: Adeline

‘Living with lions play melodic punk rock, and they play it very, very well’. This is how my review would read had the twitter revolution spilled into the reviews section of Last Hours. Fortunately, prose is still the preffered form of discourse for reviews, though, in this instance, that one sentence could adequately summarise my thoughts. At times this EP sounds like Hot water music, at times it sounds like ‘Polar bear club’, at times it sounds like ‘No trigger’ and at times it sounds like ‘Set your goals’. I would recommend ‘Dude manor’ to anybody who likes any of these bands, without a moments hesitations.

Every track is an absolute winner, i like my music played with pace and passion, this record has both in droves. From when the drums kick in after 20 seconds of the ‘Intro’ track, to the final notes of the -fantastic, if not oddly titled- closing track ‘A noisy noise annoys the boys’ this a record that leaves you itching for more, gasping for air and tapping your toes.

My favourite track is the aforementioned ‘A noisy noise annoys the boys’, which starts off slowly, a nice guitar riff hits eventually, followed by dual-vocals and a massive chorus.

The musicianship isn’t facemelting, but it is more than satisfactory, there are pickslides aplenty, driving basslines, crunchy guitars and impressing drum beats throughout. By far the biggest pull to this EP is the vocals, singer, Matt Postal delivers his words with clarity and conviction, power and passion, sounding not dissimilar to early Chuck Ragan in his earlier Hot water music days. The backing vocals are also first rate, making this EP a real pleasure to listen to.

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