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Immortal Technique

The 3rd World

October 22nd, 2008 · post by Fred Goodsell · 1 Comment

Words cannot describe the impact Immortal Technique has had on the hip hop scene. He released his first album “Revolutionary Vol. 1” without a record label using money won from rap battles, selling 12,000 copies to date.  His ferocious political and social message have re-invigorated a genre that became stagnant under commercial control. But its not just words that he has contributed to social change. His efforts as an activist have seen the creation of ‘Grassroots Artists MovEment’ (G.A.M.E) an organisation tackling youth incarceration, health care inequalities and the labour rights of artists.

‘The 3rd World’ is the third full length in his discography following a five year absence after the release of Revolutionary Vol.2. But it is clear that Technique has been busy in this time. His style is more refined and heavier than ever before. His vocals have adopted a gruffer edge which gives the record added punch. The beats, curtsey of DJ Green Lantern (who also worked on the new Nas release), are by far the best we have ever seen on an Immortal Technique record.

Whilst I feel reluctant to add criticism to this glowing review I cannot help but feel that there has been a cutback in lyrical quality in favor of a more well rounded and complete sound across the record. Whilst the beats on Revolutionary Vol.1 and 2 where without doubt inferior to this new offering, lyrically this probably isn’t Technique at his finest. Despite this his imaginative use of word and lyrical structure is far more accomplished than we are used to in this genre.

This eagerly awaited release is a fine offering from one of hip hops greatest artists. A real growth can be seen since previous offerings. Its also impressive to see an artist that is as dedicated to social change off stage as he is on.

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