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Hesus Attor

Sonic Gastronomy Volume 1

April 8th, 2009 · post by Chris Walktall · 1 Comment

Record label: Moonlee Records

Let me start by saying I’m quite the fan of esoteric and weird music; strange instruments, odd time signatures and nonsensical lyrics are great, but this album had me more than once face in hands muttering to myself ‘whatthefuck, whatthefuck whatthefuck’. It is quite simply the strangest album I’ve ever heard; as if SiKTH decided to let their hair down and be really odd. But let me break it down for you…

I’ll leave the vocals to one side temporarily and stick to the instruments. SiKTH is probably the best comparison (but no slap bass); technically awesome, insane breakdowns, jagged rhythms and incomprehensible time signatures. Add to that the occasional jazz, latin and swing sections and you get and interesting and unpredictable mix of awesomeness.

But it’s really the vocals where the strangeness comes into its own. Death metal growls, impressions of cartoon characters, child-like ‘lalalalala’, screams, squeaks, grunts. Nouns in a review can not do it justice. I’ve never heard anything like it, the voice is used more as a scat instrument than as any tradition vocal, but always strangely appropriate for the music playing.

Whether this is too weird for you will be a matter of personal taste, but if you like weird music and you’re prepared to put the time into cracking through the insanity of it, there’s a real jem buried here.

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  • jas posted:
    Apr 12, 2009 at 10:21 pm. Comment #1

    thank god you have reviewed this and i no longer have to hear it playing out of your room. weird.