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Heroic Doses

at: Fighting Cocks, Kingston

February 20th, 2008 · post by jas · Make a comment

Date of the event: 16/02/08

Heroic Doses last ever gig took place one chilly Saturday evening in Kingston. Despite it taking ages to get there, nothing was going to stop me. The fiver entry got you a gig poster, and a free copy of the Doses/Black Tax split. Pretty good.

Bastion were on first. They got up wearing masks of all the members of Doses, and jumped straight into a cover of ‘It’s Called Entrapment, Fucker’. From that moment on, people were paying attention. They are from Brighton, and play brilliant melodic punk rock. I don’t want to be predictable, but there are a few parallels with townsfolk The Steal. Anyway these guys were brilliant. They cite their influences as Alkaline Trio and The Bouncing Souls among others, and you can really hear these coming through. Tight as you like, why haven’t I seen them before? Everyone should.

The Hijacks were on next, a band who had come down from Aberdeen on the Megabus and had apparently only had 20 minutes sleep the night before. You couldn’t have told! They didn’t lose energy from the start to the end of their set. Playing ska-punk in the vein of Leftover Crack, I really enjoyed the ska part but not so much the vocals and the punk bits (which, unfortunately was the majority).

Then there was Black Tax. What is there to say really, apart from, well, they’re Black Tax. They had obviously been sorely missed in their two-year absence, and the now packed Fighting Cocks started to move a lot. Everything got a bit frantic and it was just good to see them fall right back into the swing of things.

Doses appeared and at that moment it suddenly hit most of us that this was it. Not wasting a second, the crowd jumped right in. It was a set of Doses proportions, with a bunch of songs I never knew the name of, I just knew how to sing along. But there was ‘Entrapment’, ‘Randi…’, and ‘Come The Revolution’ and more than a healthy dose of “wooooah” from all present.

There may be tighter bands than Doses, there may be more melodic bands, but I doubt there will be many bands as fun.

If you missed it (why did you miss it?) then there’s a bunch of videos from this show already up on YouTube, and Doses will be releasing a CD of their final set EVER.

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