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Glass & Ashes

Glass & Ashes

January 26th, 2009 · post by Chris Walktall · Make a comment

Record label: No Idea Records

I was lucky enough to pick up a copy of Glass & Ashes first offering ‘Aesthetic Arrest’ and loved it, so I pressed play expecting great things and was not disappointed.

If you aren’t lucky enough to have come upon them before, G&A are a hardcore-punk (I’ve also heard them called emo-core and DC-influenced-post-hardcore but let’s keep it simple) outfit from California signed to No Idea. Gravelly vocals, crisp guitar and enough musical variation to keep it interesting dominate, with slower crusty parts that smack of a less heavy From Ashes Rise (‘Exit Wound’) and slicker parts that remind of a dirtier The Bronx (‘Dead Bodies Sky Scrapers High’).

I’m not sure if the band members cut their teeth in earlier bands (the internet has almost no information on them), but regardless this is a mature album from experienced and excellent musicians.

This is an great record that keeps giving on repeated listenings, the production is clear and adds to the crusty feel without being muddy and the lyrics are interesting and well thought out. All in all it’s a first-rate album for fans of Planes Mistaken For Stars, The Bronx or anyone who loves fast, heavy punk.

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