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Git Some

Cosmic Rock

April 10th, 2009 · post by Chris Walktall · Make a comment

Record label: 1234 Go

I made the mistake of reading Git Some’s press release before listening to the CD, which explained the ex-Planes Mistaken For Stars chaps smoke a lot of weed and play in a Christian rock band on Sundays. Therefore, I expected a slow paced, self-indulgent Creed style band. Boy, was I wrong.

There is something vaguely post-hardcore about the instrumentation, all jagged and angular with very little in the way of traditional riffs; all buried neck-high in a bassey fuzz; accompanied by drums that serve to accentuate the music more than just keeping time. The vocals work really well, half sung, half shouted and at that level in the production where you can almost, but not quite make out the lyrics.

This is the sensible point to reference 80s hardcore, more specifically Black Flag, which they compare themselves to and are obviously influenced by. But every band who puts out a hardcore CD at the moment seems to want to compare themselves to the de facto kings of hardcore.

It’s a good CD, an interesting and ambitious combination of post-hardcore and not so post-hardcore and although it probably won’t change your life its an good way of spending your hard earned cash.

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