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Eyedea & Abilities

By The Throat
by: Eyedea & Abilities

September 4th, 2009 · post by tommy · Make a comment

Record label: Rhymesayes Entertainment

In 2007 MC Eyedea formed a rock band, Carbon Carousel, and relased “The Some of All Things or: The Healing Power of Scab Picking”, an album I hoped would combine Eyedea’s trademark lightning fast trought provoking raps with a backing track that more closely resmbled the majority of my music collection. Though, in reality, Carbon Carousel turned out to be a rather dissapointing musical outing. However, come summer 2009 I got the guitar driven album i’d been waiting for.

‘Hay fever’ opens the album, with growling overdriven guitar and a standard meter of just a few syllables, resembling punk rock much more closely than anything else I’d heard Eyedea’s vocals on. It tells what appears to be a deeply personal story a friend passing. The mood is lightened by the riff and upbeat, danceable ‘Spin Cycle’, one of the catchier songs on the album, which, at around 3 minutes makes the first discernable use of decks, to typically thunderous effect.

Burn Fetish is probably my favourite song on the album, the beats are infectious, has lyrics I can connect with and even features a guitar solo, whilst the slower ‘Smile’ is another highlight, These two songs are possibly my favourite Eyedea & Abilities songs ever.

The beats are heavier, and the production is slicker than ever, and the lyrics are, for the most part, incredible, I just wish this record demonstrated more of DJ Abilities abilities with a turntable. My only real descrepancy with the album.

I honestly can’t imagine anyone not enjoying this record. It’s catchy enough to grab you on first listen, deep enough to keep you sucked in, and interesting enough to keep coming back to.

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