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Rise Yourself

March 2nd, 2008 · post by jas · Make a comment

Record label: Do The Dog Music

Another new Do The Dog release, the label seems to have been furiously signing bands and releasing CDs while my back has been turned.

I haven’t heard of this lot before, apparently they’re a four piece from Sussex., and already here they are with a full-length They have a female vocalist, same as other recent Dog signings Dirty Revolution. Personally, I am very grateful for the recent influx of female-fronted ska and reggae bands in the male-dominated band scene, as many of the upcoming bands seem to achieve a vocal vibe the men just can’t achieve.

The artwork on this is nice and colourful and rough around the edges. But getting past the packaging and onto the music… These guys are really chilled out and melodic and a bit predictable because of this, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. You can stick on this CD in the background and it will just flow over you. I’m not too sure about the production, though. It seems ok but it just seems a bit ‘fuzzy’ in places for my liking.

Overall, though, this is a really sound debut CD and the band has definitely already found its sound. With their trad influence, it’s always good to hear new bands that aren’t afraid to base their music on older stuff.

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