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Escape to Victory

The front page EP

January 20th, 2010 · post by zock · Make a comment

This is the latest release of Aberdeen’s punk/hc outfit Escape To Victory, who got together in 2006 to create “a quad vocalled, Œin your face style of melodic hardcore punk that was lacking in Aberdeen”.

Although based on a decent melodic punk/hc format, it is difficult to see how ŒThe Front Page ‘in your face’, instead it is a rather strange balance between uptempo straight-forward parts mixed with sometimes random switches to breakdowns or even rap parts. Due to the uber-diverstiy in musical styles, the first track Œ’Lessons Learnt From Rocky IV to VI’ makes it really hard to figure out what to expect from the rest of the record. The thread becomes more visible from track two on though, as you can hear that bands like Against All Authority or Strike Anywhere must have been big influences on ETV’s songwriting. In the end, the catchy riffs and words seem to struggle with the order and diversity of songs, which partially works against the whole vibe of ŒThe Front Page.

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