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Decadence #7

July 21st, 2009 · post by Edd · Make a comment

This is an interesting anthology that I only came across for the first time at the London Zine Symposium; or at least in the Chinese restaurant after the Zine Symposium! It’s an anthology interested in science fiction, or more specifically space; not in a glorified Dan Dare kind of way but looking at the isolation and confusion that space travel, or extra-terrestrial existence would lead to. There are nine stories in the anthology and almost all of them have a sole protagonist. Characters walking through almost barren worlds, rarely talking and all slightly unhinged.

decadence-coverFor what it’s worth my favourite story of the anthology was ‘Island 3, part 2′. A comic sitting somewhere between what Moebius was doing in the 70s and something that 2000AD might publish. It involves a human cyborg, or at least what I assume is a human cyborg, cycling through a barren, dead, arena being guided by some sort of training software. To say much more would be to tell the whole story, but it is beautifully drawn with the sense of speed, danger and defiance perfectly captured!

My only criticism of the anthology is that it would have been nice to have had some sort of foreword, or afterword from the editor giving a bit of insight into how it had been put together, or whether there was an overriding theme to the anthology (or indeed who all the artists were who supplied the work!) All the same it was an interesting read.

Decadence - Island 3, part 2

Decadence – Island 3, part 2

An explorer landing on a deserted planet

An explorer landing on a deserted planet

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