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Dear Landlord

Dream Homes
by: Dear Landlord

September 21st, 2009 · post by tommy · Make a comment

Record label: No Idea

On a greyhound bus, rolling on a dusty highway towards fest 7, I had little to distract myself from the trees and tarmac flying past me through the windows other than the humid, rusty tasting air. It was around then that I, In anticipation of the weekend ahead, listened to the official fest 7 comp for the first time, and amongst the familiar names (Paul Baribeau, Worn In Red, The Tim Version) one band I hadn’t previously heard caught my attention more than any other, the upbeat pop punk of ‘Dear Landlord’. I instantly declared myself a fan.

Unfortunately, I didn’t catch their set, but they are a band that I’ve never been less than enthused to hear more of, so you can imagine my excitement when their debut full length ‘Dream Homes’ dropped onto my lap.

And wow, just wow. After just one listen I wanted to write a review raving about how much I loved it. Every song is a hook laden, perfectly crafted pop masterpiece. A practically flawless gem of a pop punk record.

The album kicks off with ‘I live in hell’ which is the perfect introduction to the ferocity of their sound. Any album that opens with passionate vocal harmonies is on to winner in my book, and when those harmonies are delivering a hook line such as the one that opens this record, they are probably on their way to making the best pop punk record of the year.

Lake Ontario was the song on the fest compilation and is just as good when surrounded by other Dear Landlord tracks. Probably the most radio friendly song on the album, one of those songs that has the ability to spin around the involuntary record player in your mind until the needle has all but disintegrated.

Land Locked and Goodbye to Oakland are other notable high points, but every song is worth listening to over and over again. I honestly cannot stop listening to it. Since I first listened to this record I’ve been on an evangelical mission, recommending it to everyone with ears, which is atleast half the people I know. I advise anyone reading this to check out Dear Landlord, they will not disappoint.

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