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Crazy Arm

Born to Ruin

June 4th, 2009 · post by Ganglar · 1 Comment

The best album by a British band in quite a while.

A bold statement, but this really is an excellent debut full-length. Expectations were always slightly higher than normal for Crazy Arm when you consider the success members enjoyed in their previous projects – like No Comply, but these Plymouth boys have pulled together some great individual talent and turned it into some wonderfully crafted, well thought out song-writing, unlike anything any of them have released previously.

Born to Ruin isn’t a punk album – it’s just a convenient little ‘cover your bases’ pigeon-hole to put it in until you get the chance to listen to it properly and dissect it. There’s little nuggets of blues, country and folk mixed in with traditional punk rock that make for a sound that’s definitely unorthodox – but feels completely comfortable, with lyrics you’ll find you’ve memorised within days.

You’ll hear more ‘technical’ musicianship if you go out searching for it, but this JUST works, and the way these guys go about constructing their songs proves just how well thought through they are. The little details of guitar melodies or drum fills… the subtle minutiae that a lot of other bands just don’t get quite right or simply can’t execute, Crazy Arm absolutely nail.

Couple this with some intelligent, world-wise, broad-ranging lyrics and you’ve got one of the most instantly addictive albums you’ll ever hear. The whole band are veggie/vegan and hold genuinely animal/human conscious political beliefs, but wisely steer well clear of the cliche trap so many ‘punk’ bands fall into with their lyrics.

Their debut single “Broken By The Wheel” is out now, and has been my favourite song on the album since I first heard it. It’s a tough selection though – and you’ll be spoilt for choice… Asphalt is an excellent opener – heavy in places and absolutely crunching. Picking a favourite will be totally down to personal preference though, as there are lighter, happier, poppier tunes, contrasted with heavy rock and daresay even a bit of pirate style sea-shanty stuff going on as well!

Crazy Arm are on tour throughout the UK in June & July – you’d be a sucker to miss them.

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  • Roo posted:
    Jun 17, 2009 at 4:06 pm. Comment #1

    True. Crazy Arm are something special.