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No Brow issue 1

July 15th, 2009 · post by Edd

I stumbled across this in Gosh comics, attracted by Stuart Kolakovic’s front cover, and the audacity of the oversized print size. I wasn’t disappointed!

The cover of issue 1 by Stuart Kolakovic

This is No Brow’s first issue of their new magazine that they’ll be releasing every six months. This first issue, Gods and Monsters, sees twenty four illustrators contribute to the theme.

Printed in two colours throughout and on heavy over-sized stock the presentation is pretty spectacular throughout. There’s a wide variety of illustration style but thanks to well considered pagination, and the colour palette, the issue flows well together.

From an entirely subjective point of view my personal pieces in the issue were by Bjorn Rune Lie, Ben Newman and Brett Ryder, though not forgetting Alex Spiro’s amazing end paper.

Yes, it’s kind of expensive from a punx zine point of view, but I think it’s worth the cash. You can also buy a number of prints from No Brow as well, not to mention the sumptious looking screenprinted book they’ve just produced: The Bento Bestiary.

Ben Newman's contribution -

Ben Newman's contribution –

The beautiful endpapers by Alex Spiro -

The beautiful endpapers by Alex Spiro –

Odin and Fenrir in a boxing ring by Bjorn Rune Lie -

Odin and Fenrir in a boxing ring by Bjorn Rune Lie – www.

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  • G posted:
    Jul 15, 2009 at 7:16 pm. Comment #1

    Love this mag, got one from the Tate the other day. As it happens I didn’t find it too expensive at all, in fact I thought it was a steal, size tends to make things jump up in price, so very reasonable, i think…