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Clayton Blizzard

One Two Three Home

September 30th, 2009 · post by various · 1 Comment

Opinion 1

by Dan Tuesday

“Sad Music is Uplifting”, I must’ve heard Clayton Blizzard play this song more than a dozen times over the past year or so, walking through the audience with just his voice and ukulele, whispering disturbing things in various audience members ears. So it came with a bit of a surprise to hear this album opener complete with beats, pianos and strings. These changes are a theme that continues throughout the album, it’s also a change that works. “Winning a Raffle, Losing the War” in particular benefits from a beautiful set of strings (before cheekily sneaking into a play on “Love Will Tear Us Apart”!)

Lyrically this finds Clayton Blizzard on top form, put across through his trademark mixture of folk and hip-hop. The ideas of peace, love and grass roots politics are major themes throughout, cut together with a razor sharp, yet self-deprecating and down to Earth wit that never feels preachy or forced upon. Some of the humour that comes across so well live is sometimes lost in the mix but overall it’s intact and you’ll find yourself smiling to yourself, whether it’s a sly take on a well known, indulgent pop song or a sneaky quip.

For his second album Mr. Blizzard has successfully utilized the benefits of recording and has created an album that, while being very different to his live performances, is still very much recognisably him. What more could you ask for?

Opinion 2

by Tom Fiction

Clayton Blizzard is a lyrical genius. Despite admitting ‘All the best lines in (his) rhymes are stolen’ the way he twists words and phrases together is both intelligent and interesting. Full of witticisms and well thought out verses he dissects social ills and moral dilemmas in single sentences.

This release, titled ‘One, Two, Three Home’ introduces a new approach to production in favour of a thicker sound and in some places Clayton opting to share his vocal capacity rather than the usual spoken word style.

Highlights come at the end of the nine track record. ‘Economics 101: The Natal Lottery’ and ‘You Are Not Cool’ showing Blizzard at his best. The former being an upbeat affair allowing Clayton to rampage though some of his greatest lyrics declaring ‘Yall know me, If you wanna come and take a ride with me, you better have some money for a taxi, oh why do I live this way, hey, that will be the lack of money’ – A twist on the song ‘Ride with me’ by pop artist Nelly.

Check it out right now!

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  • mark posted:
    Oct 2, 2010 at 12:14 am. Comment #1

    Clayton blizzard is the most talented ‘unsuccessful’ person I’ve ever come across – although I suspect that his definition of success is (quite rightly) different to most people’s. Nevertheless, I wish more people could hear his stuff. Genius.