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Provocation of the Nation

September 18th, 2008 · post by chris 12-o-5 · Make a comment

Record label: Total Sell Out Records

Chief album coverFive cheeky lads from Liverpool set out to emulate the finest bands of the melodic hardcore punk genre with this debut album. Okay, so it might pinch all the best bits of bands like Strike Anywhere, Propagandhi and Rise Against, but seeing as those bands are amongst my absolute favourites I am definitely not complaining. If perchance you are not familiar with the formula for this style, it goes something like: soaring guitar riffs, lots of shout along ‘woaaaaahhooooos’ and ‘oi, oi, oi’s’, fancy fingerwork, politically inspired lyrics and its, well, it’s fast. While there are quite a lot of bands doing fairly similar stuff, I find it really refreshing to see an English band doing something I had started to think of as something of an American style. I saw them a while ago supporting Bridge to Solace and their energy pissed all over the bit-too-serious Euro hardcore kids and I think they could give bands like Set Your Goals a serious run for their money. In this album they tackle some really topical issues including the government’s shoot to kill policy. The song ‘Shoot to Kill’ also happens to be the best track on the album, a perfect combination of melodies and youthful hostility. Another example of the band using gang vocals to great effect is in the song ‘Count Me In’. This album is a fusion of pent up aggression, provocative song writing and some of the finest talent in the UK punk scene. You could do a lot worse than spend your gold coins on it.


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