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Broadway Calls

Broadway Calls

January 29th, 2009 · post by jas · Make a comment

Record label: State Of Mind Recordings

Broadway Calls played Fest and I didn’t go. Now I’m a bit gutted about this. I am informed by reliable sources that they were really good, and I don’t doubt that from the sounds of this CD.

They are a pop-punk band from Oregon, and this is their full-length CD. However they have just signed to SideOneDummy and are preparing for the second assault on our ears at the moment.

Think punchy drums, lots of vocal harmonies, reminiscent of The Loved Ones or a cleaner-cut Latterman in places. But the lyrics are what really draws me to this record. They paint a picture of touring (‘Back To Oregon’), doing stupid things (‘Bad Intentions’) and being young (‘Life Is In The Air’), and are easy to relate to from the first listen. It’s not all self-indulgent though, with the line “we’ve got a war on terror, a war on drugs, a war on women and a war on love”, in the fourth track. But it’s definitely more centred on the personal than the political. In this sense it reminds me a lot of the releases by Drive-Thru bands in their glory days.

If you like good, clean, American pop-punk, this CD will tick all your boxes.

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