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Bridge and Tunnel

at: The Windmill, Brixton

April 27th, 2009 · post by tommy · 2 Comments

Date of the event: 18/04/09

If there’s one thing that ties the Last Hours collective together stronger than a love of Latterman-esque punk, its a love, if not worship, of Propagandhi, which is why it took me aback when Edd, ‘Small press, comix, DIY culture’ editor here at Last Hours said to me the night before this (which was subsequently the night before the London Propagandhi show) that he was more excited at the prospect of seeing Bridge and Tunnel than he was Propagandhi. I didn’t know Bridge and Tunnel’s music particularly well, but they had blown me away at the Fest last October, based on my previous experience and his enthusiasm, I knew that anyone who came to this show was in for a treat.

255s at the Windmill, Brixton, London
The 255s, opening band of the evening

First up were ‘the 255’s’, a band from up north who I’ve heard ravings about, but never had encountered first hand, i seem to remember them saying it was their first London show, which may explain this. They play a catchy blend of hook laden indie-punk-rock and sounded a little like Piebald, I enjoyed them immensely.

neil sutherland and friends at the Brixton Windmill, London
Neil Sutherland and friend!

‘Neil Sutherland and Friends’ were next on. Having seen Neil play a solo show the night before, whetting my appetite, I was really rather keen at the prospect of seeing the full band show again. For those unaware, Neil Sutherlan and Friends’ live show is an all electric (bar the occasional use of a harmonica) folk punk explosion, this is the second time I’ve seen them and i was as impressed as the first, a wonderful live band.

OK Pilot! at Windmill, Brixton before Bridge and Tunnel
OK Pilot

‘OK Pilot’ followed, a band I haven’t seen since they played with O! Pioneers just before the fest last year, and who have always impressed me, what I wasn’t prepared for was just how good they were at this show. Everyone in attendance was blown away by their sheer power, the strength in the vocals and the charisma of their performance. Their’s was the one CD I bought at this show, which, given what was coming next is quite a statement.

Bridge and Tunnel at the Windmill Brixton - photo 1
‘Bridge and Tunnel’, tonight’s headliners, were on next. Second to last, because tonight’s gig was going to run later than the trains home for many people. The room was mostly full as we all anticipated what we were sure would be a special show, though I don’t think anyone was expecting Bridge and Tunnell to be quite as good as they were.

Playing a wonderfully enjoyable set of music which I can only describe as ‘No Idea style Pop Punk’, I doubt there was a single face not smiling uncontrollably in the whole room, though I rarely tore my gaze from the band long enough to check. This is a band anyone reading this site needs to listen to, I haven’t stopped since I got home from the show.

Bangers at Windmill, Brixton with Bridge and Tunnel
Closing the show was south-west based, Last Hours favourite’s ‘Bangers’, who play melodic pop punk, which is really fun and immensely enjoyable. Testament to their quality as a band is the fact that the room hardly empties at all despite it getting quite late and the headline band having already played. I’m excited about seeing them again.

This was such a fun show, one of the best I have been to all year, I doubt a single person left having not had an immensely good time, every band was fantastic, the atmosphere was great, this was the kind of night that reaffirms my belief in the DIY punk community.

More photos of Bridge and Tunnel


Bridge and Tunnel at the Windmill, Brixton - photo 4

Bridge and Tunnel at Windmill, Brixton - photo 5

Bridge and Tunnel - 'Call to the Controllers office' - final song of their set before the encore

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  • Edd posted:
    Apr 27, 2009 at 12:05 am. Comment #1

    - This was the review I was going to write, but Tommy got there way before me. It’s partly an explanation of why there aren’t more/ better photos of Bridge and Tunnel; I was too busy singing and dancing to bother with recording the gig.

    I don’t even know what song they started on; possibly ‘Dear Sir’, with it’s beautifully elegant opening riff, which tears into a tempest of off-kilter male and female vocals. Frankly this was more than I gig for me; I’ve been shouting along to ‘Grace for these wayward hearts’ and ‘Night Owls’ since I first properly caught wind of Bridge and Tunnel in September thanks to a truly excellent mix-tape Tom Fiction gave me. For me this gig was as big as the first time I saw Propagandhi, bigger than Against Me! or Strike Anywhere or any of the other hundred bands I’ve fallen in love with over ten years.

    And they didn’t disappoint. If anything they were more incredible than I dared hope. Bridge and Tunnel ripped through their lungs and instruments tonight. Every ounce of passion the crowd threw at them came back ten-fold. There wasn’t a face that wasn’t beaming in the room. Truly spectacular.

    It goes part of the way to explaining why in some sort of punk rock cliché I cycled home through London screaming ‘Wartime souvenirs’ at the top of my lungs: “We’re still here, and we’re still pissed. Remember the anger we felt over five years ago. Just like our parents we’ve spent most of our twenties with a war on.” I was so engrossed with singing that I nearly came to an interesting end between a taxi and double decker bus at Waterloo Bridge. Oh well, to go out after seeing such an amazing gig wouldn’t have been so bad!

  • Andy GI posted:
    Jul 14, 2009 at 3:29 pm. Comment #2

    Thanks for the review, was a fantastic show, probably my personal favourite of the 3 B&T shows i was at.

    The 255s album first album hopefully should be out in the autumn.