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Brainfag Forever (BFF)

by: Nate Beaty

October 19th, 2008 · post by Edd · Make a comment

ISBN number: 978-1-934620-00-7

224 Pages
Price: £8

Publisher: Microcosm Publishing

There are arguably too many autobiographical comics in the world (and I say that as a guilty party with Hey Monkey Riot). So I approached Brainfag Forever (BFF) with a fairly high level of cynicism. I was pleasantly surprised. The comics have a beautiful variety, pace and humour about them.

Brainfag Forever book coverThe book is a collection of highlights from the ten issues of Brainfag between 1999 and 2007. The first five issues are dealt with in only 30 pages, which is probably no bad thing since they’re not very good. He really hits his groove when he returns to the Orcas, an island off the North West of the USA, in issue 8. He starts working with Rotring fineliners, without pencilling, thumbnailing or scripting. The result is a 100 page comic of near perfect stream of conciousness detailing loves lost, frustration and life as a late twenty year old.

So far, so fairly standard but Nate Beaty rises above other more average creators by exploring a range of different techniques. He uses pens, brushes and a variety of styles. He deconstructs the comic pages beautifully filling them with funny, poignant stories. There’s a lot of the soul searching that you’d expect from an auto-bio comic but it doesn’t have the self-pitying lint that a lot of them do. It’s certainly a book that’s well worth picking up.

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